Financial Service

It is the Right Time to Bring Your Dreams to Reality and turn your Plans into Action! We, A2Z Solutions are giving the business owners of UAE –

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Legal Service

We do have our own lawyers and legal firms to take care of the legal issues of our clients with very low cost and on a concept of ‘no win, no fees’. You will –

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Private Finance

If you are a Business owner looking for additional capital to expand your business, refinance your business, restructure your balance sheet or –

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Accounting, Auditing & VAT

Our firm was established in 1998 as “Haris & Associates” in Dubai, providing Audit Assurance –

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Accounting Softwares

There are countless accounting softwares in this world, claiming about countless features on it with exorbitant price. They never –

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Business Setup & Company Liquidation

Dubai is a highly competitive landscape, with many businesses competing to find their own –

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Bankruptcy / Insolvency

We, Xtreme Solutions have got our legal firms to do bankruptcy in GCC countries and in India. To have an idea of bankruptcy, please go throgh-

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UAE Bankruptcy

A new UAE BANKRUPTCY LAW, (Federal Decree Law No. 9/2016) was published on 29 September 2016 and came into force on –

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Debt Management

Need relief from your debts ??? If you have too much of debt, there are at least 4 strategies you can use to reduce the debt or eliminate it –

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