Every successful business starts from an idea, as it says – an idea can change your life, and obviously, it is a story of rags to riches. Here we give you, ideas of a few projects, which are readily available to start immediately, either solely by yourself or in a partnership. All the projects are innovative, monopolistic and with no competitors at least for the time being. We suggest you to go through each and every project and have your blue sky thinking on it and cherry pick the best you feel.

Each of these is very much innovative, highly potential and not yet launched or established in GCC Countries as yet. You can find them furnished here-under….

Solar AC


As opposed to the popular belief that Greener and Cleaner Technology are not affordable and that it is a COST, it is an INVESTMENT. These products not-

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Waste to Energy


The summary addresses the waste conversion Combi-tech Technology, which utilizes Mixed Municipal Solid Waste in order to generate Electricity-

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Induction Lamps


While Induction Lamp technology has matured in the last few years, it is often overlooked or underutilized in lighting applications-

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